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Terms & Conditions


When you buy from this website, you are entering into a sales contract and your consumer rights are protected by the Consumer Contracts Regulations of June 2014.  These regulations replaced the former Distance Selling Regulations and give you specific rights when buying online. Further information on the Consumer Rights Regulations can be found here


Buying your patch


All designs on this site can be worn on either eye.  Please see our instruction video to see how to fit your patch.  One size provides effective occlusion for children aged 3-8yrs and adults with small frames.


Delivery times


Delivery times are estimates and can not be guaranteed.  We use local delivery services where possible and only use a premium tracking service on high value orders.  If your order has not turned up 3 days beyond the estimated delivery time, please contact us and we will either replace or refund your order. Please ensure that the delivery address on your order is correct. We can not be responsible for lost orders if the address provided is incorrect.


Cancelling your order


Under Consumer Contracts Regulations, you are allowed to cancel your order within 14 days of delivery.  Please do not return used patches as the same regulations allow us to make a reasonable deduction to your refund if not returned in excellent condition.


Variations in designs


An example of the patch is given but designs might vary slightly. For example, you may receive a patch with a different car or dinosaur than the one shown.  Please bear this in mind when placing your order. Some designs have characters by Disney, Nickleodeon etc. Please note that we use licensed fabric to make these patches but they are not official Disney, Nickleodeon etc. merchandise.




We have many testimonials and clinical evidence that our patches are effective at treating amblyopia, however, the efficacy can not be guaranteed.  How effective any treatment is depends on a number of factors including your child’s cooperation with the treatment, the type of amblyopia being treated and your child’s age.  However, our patches are much more comfortable than tradtional sticky patches and equally effective if worn for the prescribed amount of time.




All testimonials are from genuine customers and ophthalmology clinicians and have been collected by us over 10yrs.  More testimonials can be seen on our Etsy shop and Facebook pages.

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