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We make quality reusable fabric eye patches for the treatment of amblyopia in children. The patches are supplied to the NHS in the UK and parents all over the world directly through this website. Our business and reputation has grown through word of mouth and our patches are recommended by both parents and health professionals.

If your local hospital or pharmacy does not stock our patches, please ask them to contact us. Patching can be a difficult time for both you and your child. We hope that our patches and the information on this site help to make the experience easier for both of you.
Address: Azinhaga das Pias 6, Boavista, Alcobaça 2460-522, Maiorga, Portugal
Telephone: +44 20 8133 8851
Email address:


Orders are usually despatched between 1-2 working days. You will receive a despatch email to advise you that your order has been despatched.

Delivery in Portugal is normally within 3 days but can take up to 5 days if you order over a weekend. International delivery times vary but are normally within 5-21 days. Allow extra time if ordering during holiday periods like Christmas.

Delivery is €3.95 per order within Portugal, €5.95 for Europe and €6.95 for international delivery outside Europe.

We ship to most countries worldwide. If your country is not shown in the drop down list at the checkout, please contact us.


- Credit / Debit Cards


  • Why don't I have to say whether the patch is for the right/left eye?
    All our patches are reversible (they can be worn on either eye) because the pattern/character is on both sides of the patch. Our patches are carefully cut by hand to ensure that the pattern/character is the right way around whichever eye the patch is worn on. They are versatile 2-in-1 patches!
  • How much does a patch cost?
    The price per patch is €9.50. We sometimes have special offers and discounts. Please refer to the prices shown on the SHOP page.
  • What size are the children's patches?
    Children's patches are approx.10.5cms long and 5.5cms across at the widest point. The patches are designed not only to look good and feel comfortable, but also to completely cover the 'better' eye, eliminating peeking! This ensures your child uses the weaker eye, leading to better vision! Our patches provide effective occlusion for children aged 3-8yrs old.
  • My child likes a design on your website that is not shown on your order online page. How can I order this design?
    No. If the design is not shown on the order online page it is no longer available to purchase.
  • The patch my child wants is SOLD OUT! When will you be getting more stock?
    Sorry, if the design is 'sold out' this means that we are no longer able to source the fabric used to make the patch and therefore that design cannot be repeated. However, you can rest assured it will be replaced with another great design!
  • Do you custom make patches?
    No, we do not custom make patches but we are happy to receive any suggestions for new patterns or designs.
  • How do I pick a colour and pattern?
    Please go to our Shop page to choose one of our many fun-to-wear fabrics.
  • Do you have any 'xxxx' (e.g Peppa Pig/Ben 10 etc.) patches?
    Our full range of patches is shown on our Shop page and is available to purchase through our website. The website is updated frequently with new designs as they become available. Designs that are not shown on our Shop page, are not available.
  • Do you do patches for infants under 3yrs?
    No, we do not currently make smaller patches for infants and babies.
  • My child doesn't wear glasses. Can they still wear your patches?
    No. Our patches are designed to be worn on the glasses' frames as shown. They are not adhesive. If your child does not wear glasses they can not use our patches.
  • Do you do pirate style eye patches with elastic straps for children without glasses?
    No. We believe that pirate style patches with elastic pose a high risk to small children. We do not make them or recommend them.
  • How can I make payment?
    You can pay securely online with your credit or debit card or by using your PayPal account. If using a credit or debit card, your card will be processed by PayPal. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PLACE AN ORDER.
  • Can I order over the phone?
    No, we currently do not have the facilities to process orders over the phone. All orders must be placed through the website. The website offers secure online ordering, encrypting your credit/debit card details. You will immediately receive a confirmation email from the website if your order has been placed successfully.
  • What happens after I have placed my order?
    You will receive two confirmation emails; one from Paypal confirming your payment and one from M'eye Patch confirming your order. Please check your confirmation emails carefully. If there is an error in the delivery address or in the product you have ordered, please contact us straight away.
  • When will you despatch my order?
    Your order is usually despatched within 1-2 days. You will receive a despatch email to advise you that your order has been despatched.
  • How long does it take for delivery?
    For UK and Portugal orders, normally you would receive your patch within 3 days, but this can take up to 5 days if you order over a weekend. International delivery times vary but are normally within 5-10 days.
  • Are delivery times guaranteed?
    No, delivery times are NOT guaranteed by the postal service and therefore cannot be guaranteed by us either.
  • Do you offer express delivery?
    If you would like your order to be sent by express delivery, please contact us before placing your order.
  • What if my order does not turn up after the estimated delivery time?
    In accordance with the postal service, we do not consider your order lost or missing until after 10 working days for UK & Portugal deliveries, 20 working days for European deliveries and 25 working days for the rest of the world. Please contact us immediately if your order has not arrived after this time.
  • How much does it cost for delivery?
    Delivery is €3.95 per order within Portugal, €5.95 for Europe and €6.95 everywhere else. All orders are sent by registered post.
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Do you ship to BFPO addresses?
    Yes we do!
  • Will I have to pay a Customs charge?
    We are required to attach a Customs declaration form to all orders sent outside the EU and BFPO addresses, so please be aware that a Customs charge is possible, but unlikely.
  • How do I return my order?
    Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014, you are allowed a 14 calendar day cooling off period when you purchase a product online. Under the same regulations, customers have a statutory obligation to take care of the goods and are responsible for their return. You may, of course, try the patch on the glasses to ensure you are happy with the fit, however you cannot return patches that have been worn, for hygiene reasons. You also cannot return a patch you have tampered with or tried to alter in anyway. If you wish to return your patch/patches, please contact us to request a returns form which we will email to you. You are responsible for the cost of the return if you have ordered the wrong patch or simply changed your mind. It is strongly recommended that you use a traceable method for your return such as registered post. If you are returning your patch due to an error on our part, your refund will include the cost of your return postage. You will receive your refund through Paypal, who will credit your card or Paypal account depending on how your order was paid for. Your statutory rights are not affected. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.
  • Is the patch easy to put on?
    Yes it's very easy to put your patch on. CLICK HERE to view detailed fitting instructions for our eye patches.
  • What kind of fabric are the patches made of?
    Our patches are made from 100% cotton fabrics making them cool and comfortable to wear.
  • Does the elastic in your patches contain latex?
    The elastic used in our patches is nylon and elastane.
  • Will my child be able to see through your patches?
    No. Our patches are made from 4 layers of fabric, 2 cotton layers lined with 2 layers of opaque interfacing. This completely blocks any useful vision through the patched eye, forcing your child to use the lazy eye instead.
  • How do I wash M'eye Patch?
    Hand wash in luke warm water using a drop of mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry completely before re-using.
  • My child's glasses keep slipping down his nose. Where can I buy glasses straps to keep them in place so he can get the best from his M'eye Patch?
    Glasses cords and straps are normally available from your optician, or you can try
  • Do you have any shops or representatives abroad?
    No. Our patches are only available to purchase through this website.
  • How can I order your patches for wholesale?
    If you are interested in purchasing our patches wholesale, please contact us using the form on the Home page.
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